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   Faculty & Staff
 Administration  Area  Email  Website
 Perry, Susan
 Principal  susanperry@nlesd.ca  
 Walsh, Karen
 Assistant Principal  karenwalsh@nlesd.ca  
 Guidance Counselors      
 Brenton, Sharon  Guidance  sharonbrenton@nlesd.ca  web page
 Codner, Jackie
 Guidance/French  jacquelinecodner@nlesd.ca  web page
 Department Heads  Subject  Email  Website
 Channing, Karen  Personal Development  karenchanning@nlesd.ca  web page
 White, Andrea  French  andreawhite@nlesd.ca  web page
 Rose, Angela M.  Math
 angelamrose@nlesd.ca  web page
 Kavanagh, Heidi  Science  heidikavanagh@nlesd.ca  web page
 Connors, Keith   Social Studies  keithconnors@nlesd.ca  web page
 Teachers  Subject
 Email  Website
 Billard-Martin, Barbara  Social Studies  barbarabillardmartin@nlesd.ca  web page
 Burke, Sherry  IRT  sherryburke@nlesd.ca  web page
 Cashin, David
 Science/Math  davidcashin@nlesd.ca  web page
 Chislett, Amy
 Social Studies/English/Health  amychislett@nlesd.ca  web page
 Clarke, Lisa  French/Drama  lisaclarke@nlesd.ca  web page
 Coles, Angela Nutrition/HomeEconomics/Clothing  angelacoles@nlesd.ca  web page
 Collins, Ron  Music/Career  ronaldcollins@nlesd.ca  web page
 Drover, Adam  English/Social Studies/OHS adamdrover@nlesd.ca  web page
 Dyer, Carolyn  IRT
 carolyndyer@nlesd.ca  web page
 Earle, Chris  Physical Education/Athletics  christopherearle@nlesd.ca  web page
 Fewer, Perpetua  Math  perpetuafewer@nlesd.ca  web page
 Furey, Vanessa  Math/Science  vanessafurey@nlesd.ca  web page
 Glynn, Robin  IRT/Socials  robinglynn@nlesd.ca
 web page
 Grant, Matthew  Math/Science, Robotics  matthewgrant@nlesd.ca  web page
 Lawlor, Tracey  French  traceylawlor@nlesd.ca  web page
 Ledwell, Jessica  French  jessicaledwell@nlesd.ca  web page
 Ledwell, Matthew  French
 matthewledwell@nlesd.ca  web page
 Martin, Kevin
 Skilled Trades
 kevinmartin@nlesd.ca  web page
 Maynard, Darcy  English  darcymaynard@nlesd.ca  web page
 McCarthy, Gavin  Physical Education  gavinmccarthy@nlesd.ca  web page
 Ford, Kelly  Learning Resource Centre/Tech.  kellymccarthy@nlesd.ca  web page
 McNiven, Alma  English  almamcniven@nlesd.ca  web page
 Myrick-Hicks, Gillian  Biology/Chemistry/Science 1206  gillianmyrick@nlesd.ca  web page
 Norman, Elizabeth  IRT  elizabethnorman@nlesd.ca  web page
 Norman, Tyler  Math/Science  tylernorman@nlesd.ca  web page
 Normore, Glenn  Science/Math  glennnormore@nlesd.ca  web page
 O’Connor, Dan  Phys. Ed/Career Ed  danieloconnor@nlesd.ca  web page
 O’Reilly, Darla  Chemistry/Physics  darlao’reilly@nlesd.ca  web page
 Power, Fred  Math  frederickpower@nlesd.ca  web page
 Sheppard, Roger  English  rogersheppard@nlesd.ca  web page
 Simms, Janice  IRT  janicesimms@nlesd.ca  web page
 Stringer, Rod  Math/English  rodneystringer@nlesd.ca  web page
 Walsh, Kieran  English  kieranwalsh@nlesd.ca  web page
 Woodford, Marie (on leave)
 Nutrition/Home Economics  mariewoodford@nlesd.ca  web page
 Support Staff  Position
 Email  Website
 Clare Stamp  Secretary  clarestamp@nlesd.ca  
 Nancy Lacey  Secretary  nancylacey@nlesd.ca  
 Geraldine Murray  Student Assistant  geraldinemurray@nlesd.ca  
 Nicolette Furlong  Student Assistant nicotettefurlong@nlesd.ca  
 Suzanne Whiteway Student Assistant  suzannewhiteway@nlesd.ca  
 Art Goodyear  Custodian    
 Chris Jordan  Custodian    
 Marie Lynch  Custodian    
Debbie Connors  Custodian    
 Holly Thorne
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